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A lifestyle shoot in a colourful café and a rainy town center

I had a great shoot lifestyle on Monday. We used a tastefully decorated café in the morning and dared the rainy weather in the town center in the afternoon.

Here are some of my favourite images. Results like this require great teamwork – many thanks to my assistant Matt and of course Emilie without whom these images would be somewhat lacking!

4 Responses to “A lifestyle shoot in a colourful café and a rainy town center”

  1. Nice work mate, I like it, the colour of the indoor shots is really nicely saturated….I like the last one too, leaning out into the light, very cool!

  2. carlos says:

    Très beau travail de post-traitement avec une très belle lumière

  3. Hanna says:

    Beautiful photography! These in particular. How do you do it? With the light? How do you think? How do you always get the perfect light, shadows and color composition? Share some secrets?

  4. Muriel Masson says:

    Je trouve tes photos magnifiques, surtout celles du café !

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