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A new family member (oh, and a new lens to take photos of him)

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately. There’s a reason for that – on the 17th of December our new son was born. Clovis Armes, 2.97 kilos, and in good health. Well, mostly – he got caught in the bronchitis epidemic that’s going around here this winter and had to spend a while in hospital, but that’s all behind us now.

How can a proud father put photos of his children on his blog while still servicing the thirst for knowledge that his readership demands? I figured that this dilemma was justification enough to buy Nikon’s gorgeous new 85mm f/1.4G lens and put it through its paces.

Used wide open – which is what this lens is for – the 85mm produces beautiful dreamy images with sumptuously creamy bokeh. On a full frame body its the perfect focal length for a wide variety of portrait work, and after a few shots it instantly became my favourite lens.

I wish I could add something more useful for you, but what more can I say? There are lots of technical sites that demonstrate how incredibly sharp this lens is, and how perfect the corners are, how great the colour rendition is, and how well built it is; that’s all great stuff. What’s really important for me though is that only a super-wide 85mm can give this unique look, and that’s why I bought it.

Here then are a couple of family snapshots taken with my new toy. For the technicians, you’ll may like to know that the lighting is provided by an off-camera SB900 bounced off a wall and an on-camera SB700. Quick and simple, but effective.

Clovis and mum. Melty heart and melt-away background.


Big sister. Three and a half, going on ten.

2 Responses to “A new family member (oh, and a new lens to take photos of him)”

  1. Joe Leong says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival, Tim
    … and I love my 85mm 1.4

  2. Xavier says:

    Bonsoir Tim,
    il y avait quelques temps que je n’étais passé sur votre blog … c’est donc avec un peu de retard que je souhaite la bienvenue à Clovis (so frenchy this name !). En espérant d’autres belles photos, comme vous savez si bien faire …

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